Ken Sexton

Photo by Carolyn Schlueter Photographer St. Louis Mo.

YES! PHOTOS ARE FOR SALE! Image Licenses Are Available!



I've Been Licensing Images Since The 1980s. I Am A FIRM BELIEVER IN THE 1978 COPYRIGHT LAW. Many Artists Would Cease to Exist Without Licensing. That's How I'm Funding My Retirement. When Ever THAT IS!

I Grant Licenses For Editorial Use, I Grant Licenses For Commercial Use. That Usually Depends On Media Buy, Distribution, or Time.

Social Media Licenses Are Usually For One Year and Must Be Renegotiated If Used In an Advertising Campaign. Social Media Photos MAY NOT Be Used AS STOCK PHOTOS.

Models Are Special Characters. You May Post My Pictures On Any Profile Pages Like Model Management, or Socialmedia or Fanpagers Like OnlyFans,, or Bentbox. DO NOT POST MY PICTURES ON PORNO SITES!

I Grant Licenses For Print On Demand. I Will Be Coming Out With a Fashion and Home Decor Line Sometime In 2022

NOT FOR PROFITS or Social Causes I'm a Diehard Liberal So Contact Me to See How I Can Help. I Have Many Years of Marketing Experience. You May Qualify For a Shoot. I DO NOT DO EVENTS UNLESS IT'S HARD NEWS.